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Week Two Run 1

Had my first run in week two today. Run for 90 seconds you can do it 3,2,1 go laura said. So I did, by the third time around my legs ached and just about holding onto the jog when laura said to walk which was hobbling more than walking. However, each time she said to jog I found something inside me to jog. I jog in the streets just around the block and I have slowly been making that journey bigger. With one part on a main road and no matter what wobbly bits I may have if laura says jog when I am in the segment of my route that is a main road then all my wobbly bits jog along regardless of my aches in my legs.

It is a hard journey for all who make the decision to do something about getting fit. To then have a tweeny bimbo scream some form of verbal abuse at me from the moving car window she is sitting in was useless because a) I was listening to laura so did not understand what she was hollering it just sounded like an indistinguishable shout with a laugh and b) I will be dammed if I will let some skinny brainless bimbo who cannot see that I am wearing earphones (bright neon pink ones at that!!!) put me off my goal. I will get fit, I will be able to run for 30 minutes and I will be looking to enter a local 5K race when I get to the end of Week 9 regardless of the number of months it takes for me to get to week nine. Even if I come last, I will do something that I couldn't have done before I will finish it.

My one regret - Not screaming back at her, actually no, no regrets I kept on jogging and walking and somewhere, somehow I did all the jogging and walking despite the heckling. Because she just isn't worth it.

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Well done. I think to myself (if similar - cant be same - bimbo does that) I wonder what state they will be in at my age. And tbh I bet she couldn't do what you are doing anyway. Fit people aren't skinny, they might be slim and toned but not skinny :)

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Good for you charthedreamer...thats exactly the c25k spirit that will get you through.😊

Well done on W2 are doing great. Onwards and upwards...

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