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Week 7 done!!

Was a bit naughty as I ran tonight instead of resting until tomorrow morning-but husband is working tomorrow-so no one to have the kids-and I didn't want to miss completing week7.

I've been wondering if I could manage a particular route which is 3.5miles, so didn't use the podcast, and just ran with some music and my dog for company; and I made it, 32mins of jogging! That's my longest run so far, feeling rather chuffed, but going to behave and go back to the program next week 😉

Feeling good about week8.

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Good on you, well done I just wish my Bischon / Spaniel cross could run with me but drags along behind, so now when she See's me putting my blue running shoes on she's back in her basket.

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Ive got a little patterdale terrier he goes bonkers when I put on my running stuff-he's great motivation. X


Funny, my Loti's brother is a Bischo / Patterdale cross, yes their mother had a good night !!!!!!

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