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Full Moon Gremlins

Today is a full moon and there seems to be more posts from people needing motivation to get out there today. Can we blame the moon or is it just me because that is how I feel today, so just noticed them more?

However I finally got out and did W2R2 but every gremlin in one run :(

1. forgot water

2. varied route (good idea to keep interest) but bad as

(a) more hills - quads gremlins - squished

(b) too sunny, not enough shade - heat gremlins with no water - squished

(c) grass cutting in that area - wheezy - think that gremlin was real (didn't stop though)

3.Start of last run, pigeon attack!

4. think did first run bit fast, so by end really feeling had done plenty - the gremlins on the last run had to be both stomped on and pulverised with fists.

BUT I did complete it and nice to see 2 other tomatoes in the park :)

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Haha! Lots of gremlins there nikki. Well done for winning the battle.

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