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Cream crackered update beyond c25k week 4 run 2

Cream crackered update beyond c25k week 4 run 2

Well yesterdays run was a bit off a weird event . As max bygraves would've said , " let me tell you a story " . At about 0915 I'm taking it easy on the couch while on my day off , the wife enquires why i have'nt left for my appointment at diabetic clinic , which i think is at 1045 and she points out its at 1005 . Major tilt happens and ive not left enough time to drive or get bus . Now i know from google its exactly 3.1k to hospital , so i decide "jog it " , so off i go knowing i can do in 30 minutes. Music on pavement pounding , i discover i left heart rate monitor indoors so its down to me to judge my pace . I can cover 3.4k comfortably in 30 minutes , so imagine my shock to find i done 3.1 in 23 min . Now my quandary is , do i revert back to the pace ive been setting for 33 min runs with monitor or do i carry on without monitor ? To be fair at that pace i dont know if i could have kept it up for another 10 minutes but im intrigued . Maybe it was a one off because i went into gotta be done mode

Would be interested in any thoughts

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Where do you run normally? I mean in a park or field or in the street?, I find that the environment you run in ie pavements full of people, hazards etc makes me run faster to get away from them, I'd guess it's 'gotta be done mode'. I find my own pace at the moment, the thought of sticking to a pace puts me off a run personally , although I see why there are reasons for doing it of course. Interesting question though sorry I can't answer it.


I think you've given your age away because you know who Max Bygraves is 😏 ...... I do too 🙂

Interesting little run there as you say. I guess it depends why you're using a HM in the first place. If you run without it then you really have to "feel" the run which is harder but like everything it'll just take practice. I'm trying to do something similar at the minute with my watch and try to feel my pace rather than reply on technology but I'm finding it harder than I thought.

It's good to know that you can do that pace. I think we nearly always surprise ourselves at what we can do if we have to. You could try interval running as a way of testing yourself but do this just once a week as it's hard on the body.

But the main question - did you make your appointment? I'm sure they were impressed that you ran to it.

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