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Couch to 5k with a hip condition - yay or nay?

Hi there. My husband and I recently went to a fertility clinic I was told by my gynecologist that need to lose around 5 stone before they can do any further tests on me. That's the story so far! I've also started the Couch to 5k regime (difficult because I am obese and have a hip condition - Slipped Upper Femoral Epiphysis). I've only done the 1st run on week 1 (2nd run planned for tonight), but after the 1st run I've been put off because I now ache all over! My shins hurt, my side hurts, and during the run I was sweating buckets and kept getting a stitch. Is this normal? Is anyone else in a similar position? Any advice would be much appreciated!

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I think you'd need specialist (and I mean specialist, physio or sports therapist, rather than GP) input on the specific hip issue.

But what you describe otherwise sounds very normal for beginner runners... especially as most of us run too fast (and perhaps walk too fast as well) You might even find the next run *eases* those symptoms, provided you take it gently.

Did you complete that first session successfully? ie a running motion throughout the run sections, a walking motion throughout the walking sections - even if that was tiny, even running on the spot steps at times? If so, you are doing really well.

Do make sure to do the walk at the end... and many people find it helpful to do some stretches, either straight after or at some point in their day. It is also likely to be helpful to do some strength and flexibility work to help your hip.

(FWIW with the blessing of my vet, I run with my dog who, according to X rays, has a very bad hip)


First of all, might be worth asking your Doctor for their advice. I struggled so much with C25K and I was a little overweight and totally unfit too. It was torture running for 1 minute and I longingly looked at the next tree hoping I would make it alive. If I ran much slower, I could even be running backwards! I asked myself if I would ever enjoy running too! I graduated about 2 years ago now and run 4 times a week, 3 x 5km and 1 x 10km. I do enjoy it and I run a reasonable and steady pace too. From my experience, just running did not lose me any weight but it increased my confidence and improved fitness. To lose weight I feel calorie counting which involves tracking and weighing all food definitely works. I have lost 2 stone that way. I recommend a free App called My Fitness Pal. All the best and let us know how it goes


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