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Out in public!

I've just done W4R2, and was feeling somewhat out of puff. I went with a friend, and as it's the evening, we stayed in town. On the way back I saw some people who I normally see dog-walking, one friend who I know is fitness mad, and my next door neighbour, who is a serious cyclist who gave me a wave as he passed. I didn't want the ground to swallow me up, and I felt good that I was doing something to improve my health and not feeling self-conscious about it. And now as I sit here I can feel a satisfactory throbbing in my calves, which tells me I worked hard tonight. Feeling proud!

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It's great isn't it!! I had several smiles and nods from other runners tonight and felt like one of them for the first time!!! 👍🏻👍🏻

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I too was chuffed tonight to get a very cheery wave from another runner.


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