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Done it. Hats off to all you people running in the rain but I decided the weather on Monday was not going to result in a good running experience so it had to wait till tonight. I was really tired but made myself get out there and I made it. First 8 minutes were fine. Second one I thought half way I'd never make it but suddenly Laura was saying 60 seconds left and I thought where did those 3 minutes go?

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Snap. Just done w5r2. Should have been mon too but not in that rain. Not looking forward to 20mins on next one!


Me neither. Just telling myself when I did run 1 I couldn't imagine going on for another 3 minutes but actually I managed it. I 'm sure we'll do it.


I managed 20mins! Completely surprised myself really. I just kept going. Hope you managed it too! :)

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