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W2R2 - done and dusted :)

It was much better run, = jog, for me than 2 days ago. It was much calmer, more even peace. Lori, my dog, was still struggling with walking bits. She was stopping to sniff or pulling. But the joggin bits were amazing. I think she now understans what I want from her :) I'm still praising her and in the end of each jogging session she receives a snack (those small one for training).

I figured out my motivational gift :) after 10 runs, with at least 4 of them will be with her, I'm buying bungee leash that I could clip on my waist and let both of my arms work properly and freely :) Today was my 5th run and 3rd with Lori. I'm getting a little excited about this new gadget :D

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