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W5R2 - My first post

I have always meant my first post on this site to be a big THANK YOU to all the previous posters for their good advice and positive attitude. It has helped me overcome my doubts and build confidence in myself.

This morning I got the final proof that all the "trust the programme/ you can do it" people were right. I run on a treadmill, so I can see how many minutes left I got to run. During the second 8-min run, I surprised myself by thinking 'Oh good, it's _only_ 3 minutes more. I can do it'. And I'm loving it.

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Brilliant post and great achievement! Welcome to the forum too!

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I think we all surprise ourselves when we started out unable to complete one minute of running and lo and behold as if by magic the programme waves a wand over us and we can run! Whether we run on a treadmill or outside it is fantastic isn't it.


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