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WK 6 Run boo hoo

This was a tough ask today. To make things worse my phone died just before the second 10 minute run. From lack of babysitters i run around my house. My little daughter ran with me and so she kept running inside my house to check how we were progressing. At one stage we thought the clock had stopped! Anyways pushed through and got there in the end. The rain was so bad at one stage that i had to run inside and run around my kitchen and hall. Thank goodness I live up a lane or my neighbours would definitely be doubting my sanity. Ah well, done now, roll on the 25 minute one.


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I love this... absolutely brilliant.. very well done. I remember lots of posts of folk running round their lounges and their gardens... it is wonderful!!!

GO YOU... and small one of course :)

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You super-hero-mum-runner!! Talk about no excuses.

You really made me smile🏃‍♀️🏃

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