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I can't believe I just enjoyed that!

I graduated a couple of weeks ago so have been consolidating my runs just to be really happy with doing 30 minutes before moving on. I normally run on a Monday but couldn't yesterday so the run was postponed to today. I'd already been to our town market and got soaked to the skin (not helped by the various cars causing bow waves in the puddles) so didn't really fancy going out again. But we've had power issues since 6 this morning so there was nothing better I could do than set out for a run. I found that I had to run before my 5 minute warm up had finished to avoid the showers created by the traffic but just maintained a steady pace and just kept going. I've currently given up listening to music and have a podcast going in my ear so I don't know if that helped, but I really enjoyed the run. Back home now and no shower as we've still not got power but I have a self righteous glow! (And muddy legs!)

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Good to hear SC1472...not about the awful weather and power cuts, but about the joy of running :)

I am 4 runs short of graduating and have started to ponder about running post-graduation. I too want to consolidate 30 mins/5k. I have been told that eventually the leg aches will pass, so I'm looking forward to that phase, before pushing on.

I am basking in your glow from here 8-)

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Gotta love that self-righteous glow :) I'm just thinking about getting mine now that this morning's storms have been replaced by fluffy clouds - it's still a bit windy though and I tripped myself up last time I tried running in a crosswind :O

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Well done SC1472..😊 Keep glowing.

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Very well done. When the going gets tough, the tough go running :)

I've been listening to an audio book for a few runs now. This

a) distracts me from time passing (or not!)

b) entertains me and

c) is multitasking :)


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