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Done week one...But torn tendon!

So I completed W1R1 after four attempts, and was starting to really enjoy it and feel better. But then...out walking the dog...I fell over and tore the tendon in my ankle! Been on crutches for the last week and barely even left the house. I'm keen to get going again but aware it might b a while - has anyone experienced this and has any idea how long it might take to be able to walk or even jog a bit again? Thanks!!

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Ouch, ouch, ouch... is it a ruptured/torn Achilles tendon?

In which case you need to go to the hospital.... or is it a strained tendon... I would seriously get it checked out.

( Although I assume you may have done this if you have crutches already??) If it is a ruptured or torn, Achilles, then it needs treating properly. I was in three different casts when I tore mine... ( Did not want the op..)

Hopefully your injury is not that serious... but my advice would be to seek medical advice if you have not done so :)


I didn't tear mine, I could still walk, but it took months rather than weeks before I could run again. Sorry, I hope your recovery is quicker.

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Totally agree. If it is any injury to your Achilles, you must go to hospital. It will not recover on its own if it is torn. How long depends what tendon, how torn and even then everyone is different.

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