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W7 R1 Done - Is it getting easier?

Well, I didn't fancy running today but its funny how sometimes they turn out to be enjoyable runs. I certainly enjoyed finishing it!

It's amazing how the body or legs 'remember' how to go on. I felt like stopping every 3 minutes but I think you can talk yourself out of stopping , you just have to slow down.

I went off too fast although I wasn't trying to consciously go fast, and I managed to run for 25 minutes (I was trying to get round to doing 4k as well as 25 minutes non stop). I did 3.8k in 26 minutes before I stopped, so I nearly achieved the second target that I set myself today.

I ran a bit again at the end so I managed to do 5K (running and walking) in 36 minutes and today I only walked 5 minutes. The progress after week 5 is pretty rapid, so its the most interesting part of the course and looking back, week 6 is the really hard work , and the rest is I guess consolidation.

Times- I don't think they are going to decrease rapidly from now on but a 6 minute per kilometre would be my target which would be a 5K in 30 minutes. Fair bit off that yet.






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