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Week 8 bring it on!!

I am doing the first run of week 8 after work, and i cant wait!! I decided to really have a bit of fun with the last week7 run on Saturday. I went out early and went all the way to the Angel of the North and back!! Its way too far for a 25 minute run, so plan 1 was a long walk home. Plan 2, I took some money cos there are plenty of buses, and plan3 would have involved phoning home for a lift. In the end I got to the Angel ran around it with a subdued whoop and ran halfway back. The walk home was really pleasant and the whole thing took about an hour.

Sadly the statue is piled with flowers in memory of a wee girl and her dad who died in Manchester. I dont really have the words and anyway we are all thinking the same. The only good thing I can see its that all the different strands of Islam seem to be coming together against the terrorist threat. That cant be a bad thing

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