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First 30-minute run was bittersweet

First the GREAT news: I nailed that first 30 minuter! I was careful to start slow, then taper ;) to make sure I could do the whole thing without walking, and it worked! In fact, I felt amazing, right up until the cool-down walk (see next bit).

Bad news: Some hip flexor pain that I'd been ignoring for a while really flared up. By the time I got home I was hobbling. I'm sitting here writing this with an ice bag in my lap. :(

I stretch regularly after every run, and I never run on consecutive days. Anyone out there with any helpful tips, please??

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When you do your stretching, are you specifically doing stretches to open up your hip flexors? I don't mean to sound like I'm asking a silly question, but if that is where your mobility issue is, no amount of calf/hamstring stretches are going to help.

Have a look at


Not a silly question at all, Rignold. In fact I have been doing one particular hip opening stretch, but clearly I need to explore further. Thanks for the suggestion!

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