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Wk 6 done! Even though I must have looked like a lacklustre benny hill!

This was going so well then the heavens opened and I got a stitch that spread across my stomach that was worst than some contractions I had in labour. I kept remembering a post I read a few days ago about positivity and comfort zones and I ran through it (well staggered slowly through it!) with my mate Michael's help. I'd love him to join me on my runs forever! ❤️

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Oh yeah that would be nice his silky smooth voice in your earole all the way round 😃

Well done Poppy! Another one ticked off. Stitch could be for any number of reasons. Make sure to go really slowly and keep upright. You can get stitch if you lose your form and start to sag in the middle when you get tired 🙂


Thanks misswobble (love your name) and I'll definitely try your advice. It really slowed me down and ruined the fun so want to try and avoid it for wk 7!


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