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I started week one around 2 weeks ago and I've only ran twice. From shifts changing and being away for 5 days I'm finding it really hard to stay on track and motivated. I know the programme will be good for me and will help with my anxiety problems but I can't seem to pluck up the motivation to just go. Maybe it's because I've not got a set routine which is causing me to struggle with motivation! I don't know! Anyone else in the same situation or have been?

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Its hard getting into a routine & motivation is hard going! For me i have to come home from work immediately change & go out for a run knowing then i can feel good about having been out & relax for rest of the night! Or as soon as i waken & think I could fit in a run just get going as the more i think about it the less chance i have of going!! Keep in touch on the forum & let us know how you are doing & we will keep you going😊Don't give up you can do this😊


I think you need to set yourself a routine. Plan your run days and if you will set alarm clock earlier and run in morning so it's done or straight after work before you do anything else.

Make sure clothes are ready and laid out so you literally dress / change and go before any thoughts enter your head with excuses of why you can't go

Keep posting on here and reading others posts, always helps to get me out the door


Definitely try and set yourself certain days and times of the week. I knew that if I didn't get my runs in first thing in the morning, I would just find a million things to do instead! (which still happened)😊 I tried to do my runs Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and then had Sunday and Monday as a 2 day break. Some people prefer evening runs but I'm always pooped by the end if the day! I sometimes struggle dragging myself out of bed and going out, but then it's done and dusted and I feel so much better afterwards. Try and work out when the best time is for you, then make a plan and try and stick to it. The sense of achievement you will get as you progress will be so worth it. Let us know how it goes😊


I'm sure changing shifts makes it hard to keep to any kind of routine. Hopefully next time you go away running will be such a habit that you'll pack your running kit and sneak in a run or two regardless of what else you are doing!

I agree with the others above - set yourself days when you will run. With working shifts you'll also have to be quite strict with yourself about setting times as well.

Go out and run - there are sooooo many benefits :)


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