Couch to 5K

W2R1 - Slow, steady and not falling into things

I survived W1 okay, though the last run involved me huffing and puffing around a sports field hundreds of miles from home trying hard not to look stupid. Or old.

So far no niggles. But I've learnt NOT to look at the countdown timer; looking at the timer just creates misery and instantly saps the energy in my legs. (And makes me prone to fall into or over things.) I've also worked out how to lock the screen on my phone so things don't suddenly stop and reset; I "run" with my phone in the pocket of my shorts.

W2R1 this morning was okay. A bit of knee stiffness to start with and my calves felt a bit tight, but I was surprised at how short 90secs was. I got completely confused by the counting steps and breathing "hint", but I'm a man and can therefore NOT multitask.

Quad soreness from last week all gone but I need to remember not to try and "sprint" (hah!) during the running parts. Feeling good though probably looking pretty daft. Who cares though. I'm enjoying this in a masochistic way and feel very smug when I've regained my breath afterwards. Roll on W2R2!!

Kudos to everyone on here. I'm proud of us all!!

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That's the way to do it!!!

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Well done... :) You were running AND breathing, so that is multitasking ( joke) :)

You are doing brilliantly.. keep it slow and keep it steady.. that way you get to the Graduation podium and the 30 minute runs, injury free and having had fun en-route:)


What's wrong with looking stupid or old...? I do it all the time:)


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