New foot needed

Woke up to the sun blazing through my curtains excited to finally get out and finish w3r3, get my warm up walk done and start my slow and gentle first run when the pain i had in the bottom and up the sides of my right heal returns, the outta side looks slightly swollen compared to the other foot and blooming sore to touch. I dont think its my trainers as they have been great up untill now, surely if i slightly jigged it while out on monday 15th it should have eased off by now (well i was hoping so)

So i didn even make the first 3min run


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  • Hmmm. That's a pity! I trust you have been going really slowly 🤔 If it's tender you will have to rest it. Get some ice on it now,while it's still painful, as that's the best time to ice, early!

    I hope it will feel better soon

  • I cant go anything but slow lol i dont have a go Fast fast button i know i would tire out far too quick if i did

  • It's good to be slow, it's the best way

    I had a very dodgy ankle at first, and it really did give me grief. I think the pain could be connected to the Achilles. We are not docs so can't give a proper diagnosis 🙂

    Hopefully as you progress through the runs your feet and legs will strengthen. It does take some time to be strong enough, which is why we say go slow

    If your pain doesn't subside, or if it keeps,coming back, then seek help from your doc. A referral to a physio would be good. Hopefully it won't come to that though 🙂

  • Hopfully all will be ok, i love the program and getting out. Knew the free bags off ice my local shop were giving away would come in handy lol

  • Yay! 😃 Go easy petal 😃

  • I will, my lovely boyfriend has just brought me a bike to help with the fitness as well so ill be using that to help strengthen my legs :)

  • My husband bought me a bike when I was away from running with shin splint. I couldn't do it at first as it was too painful so take care 🙂 I used the weight bearing equipment in our local park to help me get back on my leg 🙂

    I think this helpfulness is just to get us out the house so they can hog the sofa 🏃‍♀️ I am utterly rubbish at cycling but I do try. Don't be tempted to stand on the pedals to power you on. I did that and eeek! Killer! 😩

  • Haha yeah i think your right he knows while im out the tv remote is all his 🙈

  • Ouch..get the RICE treatment going and see how you go

  • Will also be ordering someone of those heal shock absorber pads you mentioned in my other post :)

  • ... and misswobble 's advice too :)

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