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Hi all...

I've just finished week six and I have to say I'm amazed because I haven't run since being chased with a hockey stick at school and was adamant I just couldn't do it!

Turns out I was wrong... it is possible to enjoy running (or at least the feeling of achievement afterwards!) but my knees are falling apart 😓. I run on a treadmill with decent footwear and I try not to bounce too much... what can I do?!


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Good for you! Excellent that you have started on this brill programme

Dreadmills are more relentless on the legs. Running outside, with all it's zillions of undulations is easier on the feet, legs and knees. Soft woodland trails are even lovelier, if you can find some.

Just go really slowly to avoid slamming the legs wherever you run

Good luck 🙂


Way to go finishing week six! Great job!

Possibly, consider the following: Make sure you're not over-striding. We want to be running upright and tall, feet striking under the knee and loading under the hip and not out in front of us and not striking predominately on the heel but a bit forward of the heel, mid-foot or so.

Get and keep the glutes, hip flexors and quads strong, this takes a lot of load off the knees.


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