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Shin pain- help!

Just did w1r3 and oh my god! My shins! They are agonising. I didn't actually manage to complete it which was disappointing as i realised that i still had to make it home through the pain. I have been taking it easy at a light jog for my runs and a rest day in between. Stretching at the start and end. But still it's there. Anyone have any help to solve this? I don't want to stop. I need this to work!

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You should see related posts on the right hand side of screen, have a read of as many as you can. So many different ideas to help ease the pain.

For me it's stretching. Before, after and on rest days. I also bought a muscle salve that seems to have helped a little. It's a natural one as apposed to brufen or similar.

Try keep your feet relaxed when you walk and run, as the tenseness makes it worse.

On another post someone recommended, ice, elevation and rest. I've not tried it but it made sense.

And of course go slow, maybe a shuffle rather than jog.

Good luck and let us know how you get on


How are your shoes? Do they provide enough support? If you've not already done it I would recommend gait analysis. I suffered terribly with shin splints when I first started. It's been helped by making sure I don't let my shoes get too worn and by compression socks. I hate wearing them but it reduces the impact on my shins. Stretching too is vital and icing as soon as you get back.


I had shin splints when i started couch to 5k.

My coach noticed that I over pronated when I ran and told em I should get my gait measured. Id recommend you do that and ensure your in the proper foot wear . Ive bought new trainers off the back of my gait being measured and have had no complaints since :)


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