wk1 r3 complete biggest challenge 'nice weather and running past local pub!' 😎

Really happy week 1 is now under my belt. Glad I conquered two hurdles this week, one to start running in the big outdoors, second running past the local pub on a nice day with people outside relaxing with a nice cold beverage!! Not sure which was the toughest 😂. Onwards and upwards now!

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  • How about planning a different route and finish your C25K session at the pub? Volia! dilemma sorted ...

  • Like the plan! I don't think it will be recommended as part of the c25k though... Might celebrate when I have reached the 5k stage 😎

  • Well done ! I speak only from the giddy heights of W2R3 - it was worth every step to get this far. I do get quite tired after running and I just build in some relaxation time, trusting 🤞 that overall I get everything done. 'Keep going petal' (my coach is sarah millican)

  • Thank you 😊, my coach is Sarah Millican also. I agree with worth every step, I definitely feel a sense of achievement even though it's the early stages.

  • Hi. What do you mean by your coach is sarah millican please?

  • When you begin the app/ run you get the choice out of four people who you wish to talk through the run when you are doing it. 😊

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