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W7 R1

Well had my first run of W7 today and it wasn't too bad actually. Though at the beginning I did feel like I couldn't do it, but I powered through the thoughts. I even ran a different route compared to the usual so it was nice seeing new sights for once. Furthermore, I managed to get past 4k so I'm feeling really proud of myself. Compared to the me of W1 who could barely last a minute I've come a long way :)

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Very well done :)

Remember,no need to push too hard...this is about getting you to the Graduation podium , able to complete those 30 minute runs comfortably, forget about trying to complete 5K.... :) Plenty of time to go for distance and or speed after that :)

Very well done indeed and slow and steady does it.. you are getting close now :)


Yep. I always keep a pace I'm comfortable with. Though i do have to speed up sometimes to pass pedestrians lol :)

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Yes. I'm about to embark on my second run for week 7 this evening.

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