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Daunted by week 5!!

Hey all, this is my first post here!

I went to the gym 3 times each week to complete weeks 1 - 3. Unfortunately because of other commitments, it took me 3 weeks to complete week 4 (once per week).

Last night I actually did a week 3 run, followed by my last of week 4 and it killed me - how am I going to tackle week 5? Anyone else dreading week 5?



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Well. It did not kill did it.😉

So...firstly..slow...secondly..slower..and lastly ? Slowest! It is the only way..😐

One slow step in front of the other..Try to get some other exercise in on your rest days have to build up stamina..You have had long gaps ,between each run and this will impact on you...If you feel it will be too much to head to week 5...then repeat Week 4...

Otherwise..move onto Week 5, very, very gently.

As Confucious said.

"It does not matter how slowly you go,as long as you do not stop."


Just listen to old floss , she is wise in the mysteries of the dark arts off jogging lol


Everyone dreads w5, particularly r3!

But do not fear, you'll do it. Trust in the programme, it works. Just remember to take it slow, slow, slow.

This running business is not a competition, it's all about you doing it at your own pace. I did it so I know you'll can. Happy Running!


Well done. I am on week 5. Dreading r2 but felt really good during it and after it. Just r3 😳 feeling a bit daunted but will take the advice on here 😺

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