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Want to run

Ok so I completed wk1 run1 on Monday morning, did run 2 on Tuesday evening as could not do it yesterday, now I want to do run 3. I know I should leave it until tomorrow but I have a manic day with work and seeing my sons. My legs feel fine and have had a stressful day so could do with a run tonight and then start wk 2 on Saturday. This would leave me with the day routine which would suit me best. Run sat, tues and thurs. should I go for run 3 tonight or leave it until saturday and then start wk 2 on Tuesday or go with above?

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Rest days are when we become stronger runners so miss them at your peril. Did you go out tonight?

Anyway, what's the rush? Just take your time and do the runs but take your rest days too.

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The one rule for success:


Follow The Damn Programme

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Thanks for the advice. Will make sure I FTDP it from now on 👍🏻


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