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Back from (bargain) physio

I saw a sports physio today for my knee pain. Just some inflammation in my knees so two weeks rest and some strengthening and stretching exercises.

I'm now feeling relieved it's nothing serious but a little frustrated at the wait...

A good tip for anyone with pains though - the local Uni sports centre do bargain sports physio appointments with student physios practising alongside a qualified physio. Only £20 for the general public and they saw me in 2 days (a steal at £12.50 for me as I'm a student too). Details were on the Uni sports centre web pages.

They just took a bit longer than a normal appointment while they talked through everything with the student (but I learned more too).

I'm so glad I know I've not broken myself, I'll get to 5k one day! In the meantime I'll keep motivated by hanging out here 🙂

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Great tip


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