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I must say, this site is great! I've just finished week 2 run 3 and although I don't say much, reading everyone else's thoughts here has really really helped me when I thought I couldn't/wouldn't do it. It helped me realise we all find it hard, it's not just me and we're all going through pretty much the same thing when we start off. This has definitely helped me push on so far

Really looking forward to, and simultaneously dreading, week 3!

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Completely agree with you, this is a great place to dig up motivation when you have a moment of doubt! Very supportive crowd all around. Keep running! W3 will be just fine :D


Thanks! I did realise I'd enjoy the experience so much!


I love this forum so much. I came on here nearly four years ago and I never left 😀.

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People here are very nice and will happily support you when you need it. Not everyone has folks they can talk to about running but we are always happy to listen and offer advice 🙂


Thanks - I'm sure I'll need advice along the way!!


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