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W3R2 done

I really didn't feel like I'd be finishing today, but I think the run has actually helped, my sinuses no longer feel blocked (no nose won't stop leaking though, too much info)? And I'm happier for having put my running shoes on.

Again R2 for me felt harder than R1 but when Jo informed me I only had a minute of running left I had enough left in the tank to speed up a little.

To say I'm pleased with myself is an understatement.

R3 I'm coming for ya!!

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Well done! I ran with pockets full of tissues this morning too, I can't decide if it's hay fever or the start of a cold but I agree with you, the run does seem to have helped.

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Even your nose is running!

I find the second run of the week a bit less satisfying then the others. Just that little bit flatter for me. R1 is the challenge of stepping up, and R3 the elation of completing a week (it is usually here that I notice some gains as well).

You should be very pleased with yourself. I think its the harder runs which make the good ones not only so much sweeter, but probably even possible in the first place.

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