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Week 4 Day 1....I'm still persevering!!

Well I can't quite believe it, last night I managed to run 4 minutes solid! I even shouted out to myself whilst running "you've bloomin done it"!! If you'd had said on week one that I'd be able to run 4 minutes nonstop I wouldn't have believed you.

This app really does work as it obviously builds up your stamina.

Some people may have looked and thought 'is that lady actually moving' as I was going so slow, however I was still going and didn't give up. Is it too early to say I maybe enjoying running?!?

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Well done! I know exactly what you mean- I struggled to make 30 secs, but it is a good feeling! Keep persevering & enjoying.


It's amazing how your body soon adapts. I never believed I would be able to do it, so I have a happy glow this morning in the knowledge I managed to do it!

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Yay! Good work...everyday you are getting better and better. FAb!


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