Don't Panic....trying not to

I'm behind......

I've been sticking with Laura to wk 8, slow with some walking still but sticking. However I've now gone off track, only done 1 run in last fortnight & trying not to flap. I've been on holiday, my other half loves cycling so I've been supporting him & looking after the boys, today he's doing carten100 & again I'm unable to get out, lots of driving today for me. Also boring chores to do, new job on Monday - other stuff has taken over.

Last night I couldn't sleep worrying about how I've gone off course. The thing is foolishly I set myself a challenge , a huge challenge for October that I'm fully aware I will be walk/run but now I'm having huge self doubt.

Where do I go now ? Start where I left off ? Start a few weeks behind ? Just start blumming moving ? I do not want to give up as that has been a pattern of the past, & my family are so proud of me just trying. eeeekkk


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9 Replies

  • ...and breathe :) This happens, and will happen - life. Ok, so I would suggest you need to plan when the next three runs are going to happen for you. Look for slots of 38 mins ( I think for week 8 ) - shower later if needed. Do the run as early as possible in the day - less chance of stuff getting in the way. I think once you can carve out these three slots in the forthcomming week you will feel much calmer. Carry on with week 8 - perhaps run it as slow as you can for the first one though :) Good Luck, look forward to the post where you get out :)

  • Thanks for the good shake !!!

    And relax. 😂

  • Start with the run after the last one where you didn't walk in a run segment (even if you were taking the tiniest steps or even running on the spot)

    Otherwise, be kind to yourself. I know you've set another goal and completing the programme and whatever that other goal is are both fine aims... to help with what should really be everyone's goal of being healthy, fit and and happy long term... so it doesn't matter how long it takes as long as you are still in the game. And you will be... really not worth losing sleep over. Even if it's another week before you get out.

  • Thanks- decided to go back to wk 5. Am spending that much time dithering about going back so far I would have completed by now 😂😂😂

    Thanks for voice of reason.

  • Oh don't be discouraged. I know its not easy when everyone needs your time but could you run first thing in the morning - even if it means getting up earlier?

    Could you just sneak out the door and run/walk round the block? Mention to your other half that you'll be doing it two or three times a week without making a big deal of it and after a couple of weeks, with any luck, it'll just be what you do, no questions asked.

    As to where you start back in the programme, I think I'd go back to Week 6 and see how it goes. If it's too difficult, go back further; if it's too easy jump to Week 7. You could be surprised at how well you've retained your stamina - it sounds as though you're pretty active anyway.

    Don't beat yourself up about it though, no more sleepless nights. They're never a good idea. Don't worry about the huge challenge in October for now - that's months away.

    Look forward to hearing how you get on in the next week or so, and congratulations on the new job!

  • I've spent so much time faffing I could have finished by now.

    Starting wk 5 again to hopefully rebuild the confidence.

    Thanks for the sensible voice of reason.

  • I agree with GoogleMe ...find a bit of time.. somewhere... if you are able... then slow and steady, and try to lose some of the angst... :)

    As she syas.. it really is not worth losing sleep over.. you will find a way back on track...because you want to :)

  • Can you get up half an hour earlier? I know it's a lot to ask, but if you get your run over first thing you can feel smug all day! And it's normally a time when the rest of the family are still in bed and can't make their usual demands!

  • Just go out and give it a go. You'll be fine. You mention that your OH enjoys cycling and that you support him, now you also need him to support you in your athletic pursuits as well. Perhaps he could take the kids on a cycle while you get out for your runs? Or he and the children could cycle to their appointments? There might be a really great solution for the whole family here.

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