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W2 complete 😊

I did my final run of week 2 this morning and finally found a sustainable pace, just in time to up the run time next week so back to experimenting with pace.

Definitely found this one easier than the previous two and the gremlins left me alone.

I'm going to enjoy my rest days and look forward to Monday and upping the time spent with both feet off the ground.

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With each run you're getting that bit stronger and you're obviously feeling it after two weeks which is so encouraging. Don't think too much about pace at this stage, slow and steady and you can work on pace when you graduate. Well done so far.


Thanks, the problem I have is I always start to fast no matter how much I tell myself to slow down, apart from the last run when I seemed to have it just right.

The problem is, I know if I don't sort a manageable pace for W3R1 I'm going to struggle.

If you've any tips for slowing down that would be great, I've tried music with a slow beat but I just find myself trying to out pace the music lol


Try talking to yourself! If you are breathing too quickly and you struggle to speak a whole sentence then you're running too fast. Slowing your pace takes practice but at this stage you should be running very slowly.


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