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ankle advise

I've had a dodgy ankle for years after falling off a stage when younger and not having it looked at properly...

Anyway my ankle since then has always been noticeable different to the other...it always looks swollen and has in the past given way.

Im now on week 5 of couch to 5k and have been keeping to my gym classes (spin and body combat) on my 2 days in the week off. I walk every weekend as I have a dog.

Anyway...Tuesday I hurt my ankle spinning, the pedals were super wobbly and I was in trainers as oppose to spin shoes. Yesterday I went for a run and although I ran fine I did feel a slight pain and afterwards it hurt a bit more and was visibly more swollen as usual.

Today there is a slight pain but it is back to a normal size.

Im due to go to a gym class this evening, and run Friday. I cant decide whether I should go or rest up. Has anyone else had this kind of mild injury before? I dont know whether I should go to the docs and get it seen to properly or just leave it?

thanks in advance for any replys :)

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On the balance of probabilities, I'd say you're at greater risk of causing more problems by not resting it than by giving it a day or two off... Pain is generally a sign that something's not quite right, and pushing it while it's sore usually only means it's going to get more sore. So my vote is for a couple of rest days. :)


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