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Ouch - my knees!

I'm in week 2 and have now done 5 runs since starting but my knees seem to hurt, to the extent that I wasn't sure I'd be able to actually run ( but I did this evening on the treadmill at the gym). I'm hoping it's muscular as they both hurt in the same place and it's not in the actual knee joints but on the inside.

Has anyone else found this in week 2 or later? I'm hoping that as I lose a little weight, it will be less strain and become easier but I'm a little worried right now. Any advice?

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I had sore knees when I started, not so bad now on Week 7, but I have done stretches after running and knee strengthening excerises I found on NHS site. Running helps strengthen muscles around knees apparently. Take it slow and make sure you take rest days would be my advice. But I'm no expert.


Thanks for that, I'll certainly have a look at those knee strengthening exercises. I am having my rest days so hopefully in time it will get easier. I hope you're enjoying it now in week 7!


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