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Really struggling

Hi all

A few weeks back, you all gave me wonderful advice about getting back into running after an enforced break of 5-6 weeks due to a virus. Two weeks ago, I took it gently - doing one run from week 1, one from week 5, and then a full 5k at a slightly quicker time than I had managed before. I was overjoyed as I felt that I had got back into the swing of things quickly and had regained some of my lost fitness.


Last week, I went out to do a week 6 run (2 x 10 mins of running) and after the first ten minutes, I couldn't run again when the time came. My knees, inside and out, ached terribly. I walked for a while, then tried jogging but couldn't do it. I decided to walk the rest of the workout and, by the end, I was limping and nearly in tears. From the knees down, everything ached, like terrible flu rather than injury.

I took it easy the rest of the week and just went for long walks. I went out today and decided to go back to week 1 again. I ran and walked for the first half and then carried on running for the second. I had to run really slowly (a fast walk at the most) and could speed up a little by the end. I felt more reassured but now that I am home, after a hot shower and of course a cool down, my knees have started aching dreadfully again, and the pain is running down into my shins. This isn't injury - it's all over pain. I have had to resort to taking painkillers again. I don't think anything is 'out' because I saw my osteopath last week and I was in pretty good shape.

Has anyone else had this? I just don't understand it. How did I do OK the first week and now am suffering in a way I've never done before? Everything hurts so much. :-(

I was diagnosed with severe Vit D deficiency around the time I fell ill with the virus, but I've been on super doses of it ever since so I can't see it would be that? Although aching joints and muscles are a symptom.

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Hi Funnyrunner, really sorry and concerned about your debilitating symptoms. I developed a post viral chronic fatigue more than 10 years ago. I tried to work through it, but ended up in bed for months. Not that I think you are destined for this, but please be careful.

For the knee pain, if it is a vitamin D deficiency symptom, then that seems like a plausible cause. Better talk with your GP about it.

Hope you feel better soon. Take care.

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Thank you 50up. I was wondering if I might have some sort of post-viral fatigue. If it doesn't get any better this week, I guess I will have to go back and see them as it's just so painful.

Thanks again.

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