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Undulating parkrun, Graduation+1


Today I awake almost 200 miles away from home in Glasgow ... All a tremble at the forthcoming angst of a parkrun... Running in daylight and humans around me...this was also my first run post graduation so surely I would manage 30 minutes of running.. but no the anxiety grabbed my breath, so it was a struggle to get into any sort of rhythm..

Mr Pip also ran and Piplet 2 volunteered her services as a barcode scanner...

In beautiful scenery off​ we set, 400 plus people.

I quickly surged to the back as usual and spent the next 51 minutes, mostly but not all of the time with the tailrunner...

So, this was actually a a PB for me for 5k (walked and jogged)..maybe one day I will revisit Pollok to try and beat it.

My next park run with be at my home run I expect, where my two runs were in the 53s.. so my target there now on the fairly flat course is to beat today's hilly time.

Then get a sub 50.. woo.

The lovely tea and scones in the Servants room at Pollok house was very welcome and nice to see so many there all chatting away and making us feel very welcome indeed

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Well done MPip! You got out there and did it, and a pb too!

Fab run!

A huge well done to you! A parkrun on your first post grad run is quite something and you should feel very proud. Whoop whoop!

Tea and scones - yum yum. Did you have jam and cream?

MotherPipGraduate in reply to Irishprincess

Just jam...though there was some clotted cream but I resisted


Welcome to Pollok Park a beautiful undulating park run:)

Well done!!

Glad you enjoyed it - I think it's a great course, I love it!

I was one of the volunteers who cheered you over the line👏

MotherPipGraduate in reply to Davoda

Ah, cool...thank you for cheering me over 👍 and thank you for volunteering.

I was with the tailrunner Gillian again at that point... Good job as I nearly got lost... Only to find my partner at the finishing line had also gone wrong at the same place lol... He never got stopped though so did a wee bit extra bless him.

My daughter did barcode scanning in her Blackpool parkrun shirt too.

DavodaGraduate in reply to MotherPip

I think I know exactly where you & your hubby went wrong, there is a tricky wee bit up the start of the second loop, I think they sometimes have a marshall there.

I love volunteering it's great fun & a great way of getting to know people. You can see runners that it really takes a huge effort to do, and it's just good to be able to encourage them. I started volunteering post injury & I'm glad I did, it's kept me involved. I thought I would do a week or two, but I've just kept going!

Well done to your daughter for volunteering in her shirt!

Was your husband wearing a Parkrun shirt? I do remember a "tourist" at the end.

MotherPipGraduate in reply to Davoda

Yes and tangerine Blackpool FC shorts (that clashed with apricot) black polo neck underneath his parkrun shirt


Go you!


Whohoo! Well done on the Parkrun and well done on the PB.


You did a parkrun😃😃😃hurrah. A personal best too? Double hurrah. But...but... you RESISTED the clotted cream? Triple whammy and Medal of Honour MotherPip. 😉 You must all be pleased as punch. Fab post😊

MotherPipGraduate in reply to McFitty

Pleased to finish... I always want to bail after 1st lap lol

Well done MotherPip - you went out despite your nerves and aced it! :)


Good on you MotherPip 👍

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