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So chuffed, W4R3 complete!

When I did the first run on Tuesday I had to walk through most of the second 3 minute and 5 minute runs because my legs hurt so much and my lungs were burning. I felt really low, convinced I would have to repeat this week.

The second run I ran through the pain (it was my calves and it just felt like they were getting used to the run, not like an ow injury sort of pain) and I am glad I did because after my cool-down the pain was gone and I felt cautiously pleased.

Before my run this morning I wondered if the last run was a fluke, and I was concerned I wouldn't be able to repeat my success. Especially after the first 5 minute run, I thought "No! 90 seconds walk isn't enough let me catch my breath!"

I managed it though, I concentrated on the music and pushed myself to shuffle through it. I remember this time last week when I considered 3 minutes too much, and smiled a little when I recalled doing the 3 minute run today thinking "Well, it's not so bad, it's not the 5 minute run!"

I wonder if next week I will be considering 5 minutes as comfortable. Next week looks horrible.

Have a lovely weekend you lovely people! xx

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See, each run is getting a little easier as your body is getting stronger. By the time you graduate you'll think fondly back to these weeks and be able to run them with ease. You're doing brilliantly.

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Thank you :)


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