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Post Programme Runs

Well I havent let the momentum drop as I worried I might!

I carried on with my W9R3 route for 3 runs as I knew it would keep me going for around 30 mins (longer if I bypassed the bridge!). I've tried a couple of different things too.

First, I tried running back from work - its a lovely route along the river of around 3k. Although I walk it every day, there and back, running it didnt go so well 🙁 The path is VERY uneven with large tree roots and deep pits, its also quite busy after work with mad cyclists going at full pelt so close my hair swished in their wake! I ran halfway and speed walked the rest!

Next, I re-re-joined the gym - mostly for the weights etc so I could (hopefully) tone up but thought Id give running on a treadmill a go (during previous gym memberships I've always hated the treadmill). I found it so much easier than running outside (although, because I was running quicker, I managed to whack the STOP button twice and nearly went throuh the window!!). Does anybody else find this, and/or know the reason why? When I got off though I felt SO spacy!

I do prefer outside running as your view changes with every step but now, if its pelting down or blazing hot outside, I can still run!!

Two weeks until my first official 5k run!! 😝🏃🏼‍♀️

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Am looking into doing this after my holiday at the end of the month 😀


Have fun! Keeeeeeeeeep running 😀

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