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5k done (not quite) what next?

So I'm only on week 7 but I can see the end of the line coming up fast . What do I do next .

I am the slowest runner , possibly not ever but coming up close . So do I continue with 5k until I can actually run 5k in the time frame or do I jump to 10 k increase my running time but ignore my speed ?

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I would complete the program and see where you are in terms of fitness. I would then do a 5k Parkrun and see what time you do it in as a benchmark and then progress to increase the distance to 10k by increasing your long run distance by about 10% every week or so. The other 2 mid week runs can be a mix of interval or tempo but make sure you have at least a rest day if you do a hard interval session probably 2 days rest and maybe some cross training.

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