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W7R2 - so many positives!!

Well, thank goodness W6 is behind me (that was unpleasant)!!

So far, W7 has been awesome. R1 - changed my route a little (had decided upon this before Sarah Millican told me to - I think some of you are using different podcasts to me) and achieved best pace time yet so feeling very proud.

Then, yesterday, after busy school trip, decided to do R2 while daughter in ballet. Very cold and substantial rain. Ran with another ballet mum, who confessed she wasn't really feeling up for it and told me to "go easy on her"!! She actually encouraged me to go in front of her as I may be quicker and she wanted me to set the pace!! We ran a way we had never run before and we managed over 2 miles. When we got back I was delighted to sync my Fitbit and see that Id achieved my first sub 8min/km pace!! WAHAY!!!!!

Even happier as my friend recounted that she'd looked at her runs from a few years ago (when we were training for our first Race for Life) and how I struggled to run for even a min!!

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