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Doing a smug graduation dance!!

Well it's taken me 13 weeks not 9 but this morning it took my 30 mins to run 4k and I am absolutely elated!! I've had fat runners heel..... low points where I've absolutely hated it and of course numerous ribena heads ...but week 9 run 3 done!!! I can't believe at the end of January I found running for 60 seconds tough so for anyone just starting no matter how long it takes stick with it.......I'm still a fat bird running but last week I squeezed into a pair of size 14 jeans......I was in size 18 in January fitness has improved drastically and I have a much more positive outlook.....this forum has been an absolute life saver and the support has got me through!!

So bring on the Heaton park 5k in 10 days time......ooohh and how do I get graduated on my profile😁😁

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Congratulations! :D Amazing achievement, I'm so happy for you that you're feeling so good right now. Stick with it, and good luck with the parkrun!

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Congratulations! Isn't it amazing what we can achieve in a few short weeks. Get your graduation badge by clicking on 'April 2017 graduation badges' under Pinned Posts on the right. Enjoy the celebrations, good luck with your 5K, and enjoy life as a runner! 🎓🎉 👟👟

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Oh I see your BADGE! Whoop whoop! Congratulations. Well done!!!

If you keep running and following your healthy eating regime then you will lose some more weight. I lost another stone by keeping running and sticking to a sensible diet. You will need new clothes! Every cloud ..... LOL

Now you have Graduated you should treat yourself to some new running duds. You could get togged up anew for your inaugural Parkrun.

Good luck and bon voyage !


CongratulationsGraduate karenk72


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