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First beach run

This past weekend I took a couple of days off and headed to Diani beach in my home country of Kenya. I had woken up early on Monday to catch the sunrise and then the idea of a beach run hit me and was cemented when I saw others do it. Do I grabbed my sneakers and gave it a go.

It was quite nice. The soft sand helped reduce the impact and the cool breeze reduced the heat which was already well over 20 Celsius. It hot a bit hot as the sun got higher at around 7 a.m should probably have started at first light. All in all it was a fun soaking it all in will definitely include it in my holidays

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Sounds lovely! Did you feel like it was much harder than running on solid ground?


It was pretty much the same. The tide was low so I ran where it was a little more solid


I have been to a Kenya so got a pretty good image - sounds amazing!

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It is


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