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Software Upgrade?

Today was week 9 run 1 and I was so excited to reach my final week. However, I opened my Couch 2 5K app on my phone, only to find that it is totally unrecognisable and all my stats have disappeared. There seems to be no record of anything I have done to date?? I even had to reselect my celeb coach (Jo Wiley). This is so disappointing after so many weeks of hard effort. I don't know whether it will even recognise that I have graduated at the end of the week. Am I alone in this and did I miss something??

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Same here. Its really frustating isnt it?

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What a shame, but you can still graduate- that is your achievement even if technology has let you down.

Look forward to seeing you post when you do - very soon! Well done


Same here. I keep a printed schedule on my fridge and tick it off so it is more visual to me than the App.

It is a bit disappointing but I probably wont keep the app once I have finished anyway.

I know I have put in the mileage whether it shows on my phone or not


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