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Hills, gradients & more hills!

Ignoring OH's excuses about why he couldn't possibly go for a walk this morning, I got into my kit and got out. I had no clue what I was going to do today, just needed to get out. I was too tired last night & had a headache so deferred until this morning. I decided to alter my route this morning as I am becoming bored of my usual route and after a few seconds jogging on the spot decided to take the hilly & gradient route - oh my, the hill was a real pain & I had to have several nano seconds of static jogging on my way up & to the top but then I was off again & this time didn't stop for gradients. I am sure it is psychological as I ran several hills at the Parkrun venue on Sunday but then I didn't know they were coming up. So, a shorter run today because of the hills but my plan for the next couple of weeks is to continue with the hilly route as it will increase my stamina, increase my fitness and stop me being bored - well, for a while anyway & then there are a few more hills I can tackle. Loving the running :D :D

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Embrace those hills, they never get easier as you get faster going up them! Its good to shake up the routine once in a while gives your body and mind a challenge


Certainly does give your body a shake up & it was good to do if.


Sounds fun! A new route is like a mini holiday 😊 when you get to the top of the hill you can stop and take in the view

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Love new routes... and we do, have to embrace those hills.. tricky little blighters!

Well done you for going for it and enjoying it too :)

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