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Week 5 done! ... and the highlight was run 2!

Week 5 done! ... and the highlight was run 2!

Hi All,

This week was the dreaded week 5 for me and I am so glad I completed it today!

But first things first. I travel for my job from time to time and this week I was in Milan. Never before had I even thought about taking my running kit with me. But as I wrote last week, I am a runner now so it went into my bag.

Luckily enough my hotel was just next to the beautiful Sempione Park, so I went out on Tuesday and Thursday morning to have complete W5R1 & R2. That was quite a change from my usual running, not only the beauty of the park but also... it was full of other runners...

This is not something I was used to. Where I usually run, I am alone in the forest and would only meet somebody on every second run. So running among other runners was quite strange. But gladly I quickly remembered that I am really a runner myself too and didn't feel too bothered, after a while I even enjoyed that. Feeling like being part of a group.

Run 2 was really enjoyable as it perfectly fit with the distance of the main running loop of the park. Overall the best run I had so far! If you are ever in Milan, I can only recommend this park for you runs, it is really nice, both for the views and the crowd of other runners.

Then back home today, I went for run 3, perfectly timed between two rain showers. I felt really good about it and enjoyed the continuous running. After 5 minutes my mind went off thinking about totally different things only to be reminded a little later by Laura that I had been running for 15 minutes. I literally didn't see the time pass. Physically I also felt well, really had the impression that I could have gone on for 5 or even 10 minutes.

I am so pleased to see this progress, five weeks ago I would not have thought capable to run for only three minutes.

Thanks all, looking forward to week 6!

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Sounds wonderful!!

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Running in different places is great fun. I've had some lovely runs recently in different cities in Germany and will always try to run in a new place now. Like you I'm usually on my own, so it is a new experience to meet other runners, but I quite enjoy it! And strutting back into the hotel after an early morning run is just great!

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Sounds great Lolovitch, running in a new beautiful park, along with lots of fellow runners. Just pack your shoes and you can run anywhere. Hope you are going to review running routes in all your new places. Best wishes :)


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