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Done week 1!

Well I've just done my 3rd run of week 1, yay! Feeling rather pleased with myself. I've been out on my home turf for the 1st time. I need to go a bit further as I'm heading back home too early. Next week I expect I'll go further as there's more running. I seem to be covering nearly 5k already even though I'm following the plan and not going too fast.

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Very impressive and you clearly do this running "stuff" much better than I could ever aspire to - well done. At this rate you'll be a 5K run star. FANTASTIC - wish I could do it!


You can David! You'll see. Have faith in the programme and yourself. All good things ...........

Well done Claire. Go steady! No hurry!


Thanks for the positive comments Miss Wobble. Keep it up too David! It's so rewarding when you reach a milestone, no matter how small.

I go to this forum before I'm due to run to motivate me and I got to it after to reward myself. Thanks so much everyone. Your posts spur me on.


Well done - keep going - slow and steady is the mantra on here (I found myself saying it to myself while running today!) :)


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