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W5R2, feeling proud!

Don't know what to do as the program feels like too easy for me. I want to stick to it and graduate; but I don't see why I would do that if I can already run for 30 mins. I read there are other people like me here, so it is a relief. Anyway, while thinking about it for a week now, I completed w4, then moved to w5.1 and w5.2.

Week 4: Taking the days off, I ran as the program commanded. Fine. Nothing interesting to note.

Week 5: 5 mins run x 3 went much better than expected. Now I came to understand what it is meant by calling running more of a mental challenge by this stage. Took a day off. Then second run was 8 mins x 2, with 5 min walking in between. I started to run the first 8 mins, but didn't want to stop for the 5 min break. I was slow, but who cares? So in total I ran for 23 mins. 3.9k.

23 MINUTES! I want to cry! Was it me who did it? Am I able to run for 23 minutes without crying, sobbing, collapsing? Only a funny feeling on my legs. But after 5 min cool down walk plus some stretching, I was all fine. And my knees are fine. Wow.

At the end, I guess I will follow the program with no drop out, because I am curious but maybe will run with no walking in between for week 6.1 and 6.2. The rest is already non-stop running. ALREADY. I am amazed <3 I am so glad that I came across this program online and I am so glad that I didn't roll my eyes and watch another episode of some tv series but decided to give C25k a try. Yay!

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So before you started the program could you run anyway? If so I don't understand why you started the program as its for people who can't run

If you couldn't run before but now feel like you can because you've done a few weeks and are deciding to carry on running through walk sections then I would say you need to stick to the program because you run the risk of getting an injury if you don't. The program is designed the way it is for a reason!!

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As with Slinky not sure why you started this BUT as you have you do seem to be gaining something from the 'deeper meaning/learning 😀' of running i.e. there's more to it than just going hell for leather or just doing it. I'd stick with it, it can't do any harm - and may well increase your enjoyment of going for a run in the future.

Are you using the NHS c25k? If so wait for week 5 run 3, (not really clear to me, at least, from your post if you've done it yet) as that is all non-stop.

Oh! And to get the most out of the programme don't run through week 6 run1 - you may just get a surprise. Run the programme as it should be done it can't do any harm and your knees might thank you for it. Happy Running!

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Hi, stifterin! My understanding is that you joined the programme to train yourself to run non-stop for 30 min, no? It's also my understanding that if you can do this three times a week, you are entitled to graduate. I don't think anyone wants to discourage you from reaching this milestone any other way but from quite a few posts I've read on this forum, even some graduates have learned the hard way that overdoing it can mean getting injured. Seems to me there's no point in rushing through the programme. You'll definitely get there, and then you'll have the rest of your life to run.


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