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Fresh Start

Ok guys as many who read my post lat weekend I start my new job (induction) in 13 days time. Although I will not be running c25k every other day I have put my days off as my running days and my working days as 10 min at home zumba for beginners until I feel ready to go to next level of zumba. I am planning a new meal plan to coincide with my shift pattern. As I will bound to be napping during day with my hours of work. So I can still xercise just at my own pace and time. And eat a balanced diet throughout. No matter how tempting pastry and cakes are I will resist. However if the reduced aisle has a few leftovers when I finish I will buy only healthy.

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I love it! Well done. If you graze the reduced isle remember to read the labels: low fat doesn't mean low calorie ..... you could try MyFitnessPal as I did, started Feb 2016, logged on every day since, I don't lie when I record food (because it's only me I'm lying to), love not being on a diet but instead thinking about what I eat and so far I've lost nearly 30 lbs., still have treats and the odd glass or several! C25K is proving a MUCH bigger challenge for me than the weight loss: I love my gym and still hate hate hate hate running, but the folks here are FANTASTIC support. I'm on my fourth attempt at getting through the C25K programme & hanging on in there.

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Sounds like a good plan, well done!!


My mam is an avon rep so she has bought me a portion plate too so i can measure out my portions which will be a massive help. we bought the next size down plates when I moved in my own place with my little family but still looks a huge amount on he plate


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