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week 8 run 2 +

only gone and done it w8 r2 done and dusted and as usual had to try my luck and did the extra 2 mins to see if i could and i could.

was not easy but i felt i just had to try.

Cann,t be sure about he distance as i have had a few issues with my phones GPS a slight difference in the distance ran and the distance walked back (which are the same ) but there is some tree cover along the track which is an old railway line .

But i think a fair average of the 2 would give me 2.65 miles which for a 30 min run for an old guy like me is quite good .

I would hope from those times to be able to do a 5k in 35/36 mins .

All being well i could do my local 5K park run next sat but that would mean week 9 run 2 on Friday and then doing week 9 run 3 on Saturday or forget Friday and do that run on Saturday and then do the final week 9 run on Monday.

decisions ,decisions ,decisions who would have thought this a few short weeks ago when 60 seconds seemed like an eternity

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Hi, all sounds great, well done!

I think I would do W9r2 as the Park Run and finish on Monday rather than run two days running and risk messing up now you're so close.


It doesn't matter about how fast or how far. It's about finishing the job 🙂

Don't push anything at this early stage.

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