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Graduated on my birthday... 10 k UPDATE

Had my second run of the week on Friday. managed 5k at the gym. Took me 38 mins so still way off the fabled 5k in 30 min but I realise the 30 mins is the real aim of C25K not the 5k bit. I tried to go a bit faster on the treadmill but the result was, of course slower at the end so overall no improvement.

I'm aching more tonight than I did after my mega slow 10k on Monday so I think I will be sensible and give Parkun a miss i the morning. Still that's another week with 15k covered so i'm happy.

I'm going to have a look at a couple of 10k running plan that have been mentioned in the 10k community... one by Asics and one by BUPA. Has anyone got other suggestions? Ill also be sticking with Julie and Laura for my next few post C25k runs.

Happy running John

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Surely the purpose of C25K is to get people off the couch and improve health? Which you are doing :) in my experience if you want to get faster you need to get off the treadmill and out and about. Hill work definetly improves speed. Running with a running club once a week has also been massively helpful. I've been running for a couple of years and although I can do 5k in less than 30 minutes on a good day, more often than not I am slower. I just focus on getting out and enjoying myself.

In terms of getting to 10k again I just extended 1 of my weekly runs a little each week.

Enjoy and good luck!

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Well done on graduating John and on that 10k run! Consolidating 3x5k a week is always a good idea before extending to 10k - too much haste can result in trips to the injury couch! Many of us have not used a specific plan to bridge from 5-10k but have used one of our three weekly runs to gradually increase to 10k using what is called the 10% rule. This is based on increasing your weekly 'long run' by no more than 10% of your weekly total. So for example, if you are running 3 x 5ks a week, then week 1 you can increase that long run by 1.5k and so on. This makes the increase safe and allows your body time to adjust, reducing the likelihood of injury. When I did it, I didn't increase my long run every week - depended on how I had recovered from previous run and how I felt on the day. You might also like to check out the Bridge to 10k forum (if you haven't already) lots of us are over there! Good luck!☺


Took me 2 years to get below 30 mins in 5k. Had to lose 50 pounds to be fast enough. Two things that would severly slow my 5k time running on treadmill. Temperature and no fan. My 5k time would be significantly over 30 mins if I was jogging at room temperature with little or no air movement. For optimum running time conditions, run outside with a temperature around 40 degrees. Im at least 20 percent slower running at 70 degrees and would be even slower with no airflow.

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Hi Jeburian... now that's a very interesting observation. I have run a sub 37 min (ok only by a few seconds but sub is sub... right?) 5k on my second Parkrun. I couldn't explain this as I run with no incline on the treadmill and the Parkrun circuit has an incline. I thought it must have been something to do with being in a crowd, which might play a part, but your comments about temperature and air movement ring very true.

Happy running. John


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