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In the spirit of introductions, hi! I'm Larissa, and I've just discovered this forum. I've just completed W2R2 and haven't needed to repeat any weeks so far, although I have a feeling this week might need a couple of extra runs.

I've failed time and again at losing weight, but now I've changed my attitude and I'm simply running to improve my quality of life - I want to hike through the Grand Canyon and swim with whales, so that's what I'm doing it for.

Is there anyone who runs in Hyde Park regularly, on the same week, who might want to join me every once in a while?



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Hi Larissa (resolution), welcome to the forum and well done on the progress so far. You are ahead of me since I repeated W1 and aim to start W2 tomorrow. This is a very supportive forum and there are many lovely people, with knowledge and experience, willing to help with motivation and technical issues.

I hiked the Grand Canyon in the 90's (young, fit and dumb!). We didn't realise that permits were required to camp in the Canyon, and set off from the rim down to the Colorado river. We were laden with sleeping bags, food, stoves and pans, water etc. It is a 6000 ft descent and about half way down we encountered a park ranger. He asked us for our permits and explained the consequences for camping without one.

We didn't want to turn back, so we continued down as the sun was rising. It was baking hot. We got to the river, bathed our poor feet and discussed options. Not wishing to do anything illegal or contrary to park rules, we set off back to the top.

Of course, a canyon hike is like a mountain hike in reverse, you do the easy bit first and then the hard ascent last. People do set out to do the whole thing in one day, but not usually with a full and heavy backpack!

We were running out of water about 3/4 of the way up, when we encountered an Italian couple (light day hikers) who were dehydrated and out of water. We gave them what water we had left and accompanied them to the top.

We had some beers in the boot of the car, and it was that which kept us going through the heat. At the top we broke open the beers and shared them with our new friends. They invited us to their luxury mobile home for dinner that evening. Best spaghetti I ever had. 8-)

I have never swam with whales though and sorry I am several hundred miles north of Hyde Park. Sure it's a great place to run. Good luck


Hi 50up,

Thanks for your kind reply and for sharing that interesting story about your Grand Canyon experience! It's good to know that you need a permit to camp there, thanks for the heads up - I can only hope that I too meet some lovely Italians (or otherwise) who want to share drinks and food, because even though I fully intend to lose weight I refuse to give up my passion for food and lovely company.

I've read some of your own posts and I think you're doing a great job with your C25k! It's not easy but hopefully with all the lovely people on this forum and our own determination we'll make it through and develop healthy new habits!



Thanks resolution, glad you enjoyed my tale, it had a happy ending :)

Quite right, good food and company sustains us. I have a lot of faith in this forum and find it a great support. So many friendly and helpful people.

Thanks for the C25K encouragement. So far, so good. Hope your running continues trouble free.

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Welcome (belated) to the forum.

Lots of great folk here with fantastic experience.

Keep posting. Keep running.

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